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The world population is 7.3 billion1 and counting. This burgeoning load is straining the limited water supplies which are increasingly under pressure - not only as drinking water, but also as a source for power generation. The rampant overuse of water in some systems has even put aquatic life in danger. Climate Change further complicates the water picture.
Global warming has set in motion major climatic shifts and the demand for water in some sectors could grow even further as temperatures go up. Companies are increasingly recognising and experiencing firsthand, the potential risks of water shortages to their operations and supply chains as well as in the communities where they operate. So the business case for companies to care about water is strong.
We help companies understand, measure and optimise their water footprint. The water footprint looks at both direct and indirect freshwater use by a producer as well as a consumer. It also takes into account the sources of the water consumed, i.e. the blue water (fresh surface and groundwater), green water (soil moisture) and covers the water quality issue in the greywater footprint.
The water footprint is a spatially and temporally explicit indicator, showing not only the location but the period of the consumption and/or pollution as well. Water Footprint Assessment gives a wider perspective on managing water resources. With the information unlocked through Water Footprint Assessment, companies can prioritise investments to achieve sustainable water use.
As of July 1, 2015, as estimated by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division
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