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Tata Engage, organised by the Tata Sustainability Group, brings together Tata companies on a common volunteering platform. The umbrella programme aims to encourage Tata volunteers around the world to help enrich the community by contributing their time and skills. As on date, the Tata Engage platform has over 75,000 registered volunteers
Volunteering Programmes
Tata Volunteering Week (TVW), celebrated in March and September every year, brings together Tata employees, their family members and retired Tata colleagues worldwide to participate in small acts of volunteering. The volunteering activities are curated by companies and offered to volunteers, who participate in groups. A typical TVW activity lasts half a day and is done on official time.
ProEngage, is a skill-based volunteering format, which brings together non-profits and motivated professionals. It is designed to leverage volunteers’ professional and personal skills and rich experience to help non-profits build and sustain their capacity. Since programme's launch in December 2014, over 178 volunteers have worked for 84 skill-based projects across 25 cities and over 50 NGOs have benefitted through these engagements.
Engage+ is an innovative programme that offers full-time, full-pay deputation opportunities with NGOs to a select group of experienced employees so that they can helm projects of immense social importance. The objective is to provide an opportunity for non-profits to benefit from the highly skilled talent available in the Tata group while volunteers gain a diverse and enriching experience.
Open volunteering is a platform that connects volunteers with volunteering opportunities posted by non-profits throughout the year. These would be short duration volunteering activities that could be skill-based or otherwise, and can be completed during weekends, holidays or after office hours.
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