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Balancing energy needs with environmental and economic sustainability is a critical challenge for our society. Driven by demand-supply imbalance and climate change regulations, energy costs are rising and are not likely to drop. New technologies, renewable energy sources and energy efficiency are some of the effective ways to cut energy use. Maximising energy efficiency also brings further benefits such as reducing the business risk of energy price shocks; greater staff engagement; and broader reputational benefits relating to external stakeholders. Sustainable energy, therefore, can be a driver for social progress, equity, enhanced resilience, economic growth, and environmental sustainability. Challenges associated with issues such as growing population, urbanization, and resource scarcity, compounded by the impact of climate change are affecting the planet. Equally, there are huge opportunities for innovation in businesses, across spaces such as developing low carbon processes and deploying renewable energy.
TSG supports group companies and advocates energy efficiency through a range of interventions on advisory services, capacity development and awareness creation. By encouraging companies to assess their energy requirements and work towards developing processes, products and services that help deliver sustainable energy; TSG is helping to embrace a new model of growth that is sustainable.
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