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Carbon Calculator

Personal Carbon Dioxide Calculation

Please use a consistent time period for categories (e.g. 1 year)

Number of household residents -

When average CO2 per person is required, aggregate fuel use and travel for all household members.

Fuel Emissions
CO2 emission factors (kg CO2/unit) Amount used/travelled CO2 emitted (kg)
Electricity kg/kwh kWH
Coal kg/tonne 2500 tonnes
Coke kg/tonne 2800 tonnes
Heating oil kg/litre 3.0 litres
Propane/LPG kg/kg 3.0 kg
Wood (air dried) kg/t 700 tonnes
Natural gas kg/kWh 0.206 kWH
CO2 emission factors (kg CO2/unit) Amount used/travelled CO2 emitted (kg)
Air travel kg/km
0.3 km
Rail travel kg/km
0.06 km
Bus travel kg/km 0.09 km
Car Travel ( Use either method 1 or method 2 )
Method 1 - enter litres of petrol/diesel used
Petrol kg/litre 2.3 litres
Diesel kg/litre 2.6 litres
Method 2 - typical cars and distance travelled
Small car kg/km 0.15 km
Medium car kg/km 0.25 km
Large car/SUV kg/km 0.37 km
Motor cycle travel kg/km
Upto 125 cc 0.08 km
125 to 500 cc 0.11 km
Above 500 cc 0.15 km
Total tonnes carbon dioxide
Per person tonnes carbon dioxide
How your total compares to the rest of the world
Your total
UK Average 5.4
India 1.2
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