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Mr S. Padmanabhan on the Tata group & sustainability:
Sustainability defines how businesses can survive in the long term, Mr. S. Padmanabhan believes the role of sustainability officers will become obsolete once the concept becomes embedded in business practices
Five Cs to better employee engagement
CSR programmes offer companies a unique opportunity to engage better with their employees and collaborate with them for the greater good. Here’s how to get the most out of this relationship.
Balaji Ganapathy, Head of Workforce Effectiveness, North America, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) with Charles H. Moore, Former Executive Director, CECP
In focus: Nicole Hall, Eight O’Clock Coffee, Tata group, North America
Nicole Hall from Eight O'Clock Coffee, Tata Global Beverages, North America, shares her views on integrating environmental and social sustainability issues with business and how the company's vision is aligned to the SDGs 2030 Agenda.
Natural and Social Capital Valuation – a tool to mainstream Sustainability
Alka Upadhyay, AVP, Tata Sustainability Group shares her views on how Natural and Social capital valuation by businesses is becoming increasingly important for sustainability.
CSO in Focus: Arvind Bodhankar, Tata Motors
Arvind Bodhankar, CSO Tata Motors Ltd., talks about sustainability issues faced by the Motors Industry, his experiences as a practitioner of sustainability, TML’s efforts towards the sustainable development agenda, joining the RE100 campaign and transitioning towards a circular economy model.
Tata group and the energy transitions commission jointly holds a meeting on ‘Energy Transitions in India: Impact and Opportunities for Businesses’
The ETC brings together a uniquely diverse group of individuals and organizations from across the energy landscape – investors, incumbent energy companies, industry disruptors, international organisations, NGOs, research institutes– from across the developed and developing world. It aims to accelerate change towards low-carbon energy systems that
Skilling young India
Tata Strive aims to bridge the gap between an under-skilled youth segment and the talent vacuum in the Indian economy
Leading sustainably
Tata Steel, Tata Consultancy Services and Tata Motors feature among the top 800 companies in the Global Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2016 as leaders in sustainable business practices
Driven by compassion
The Tata group responds to disasters and devastation by reaching out to affected people, helping them to not only overcome the immediate problems created by the crisis but also to build their resilience for long-term rehabilitation
Our vision inspires us every day
Anita Rajan, chief operating officer of Tata Strive, talks about the challenges of setting up a pan-India skilling programme and the journey so far
CSO in focus: Anurag Priyadarshi
Anurag Priyadarshi, CSO Tata Global Beverages Ltd., talks about sustainability issues faced by the Tea Industry, his experiences as a practitioner of sustainability, major TGBL initiatives and the company's vision in alignment with the global goals.
Indian companies look to ease Maharashtra water crisis
As the threat of a water shortage looms larger with each passing year, India Inc's biggies aren't just focusing on improving their own consumption efficiency.The Tata Group, Godrej Industries, Bisleri, Hindustan Unilever, SAB Miller India and RPG Enterprises have become increasingly active in helping to ease the crisis in drought-prone regions.
Putting a Price on Carbon Brings Extra Challenges for Conglomerates, Tata Says
More than 1,000 companies have put an internal price on their carbon emissions, according to the Carbon Disclosure Project. That effort can be more challenging for conglomerates with disparate business lines, says Shankar Venkateswaran, chief of Tata Sustainability Group.
Will Paris see real progress?
The best outcome at COP21 will be one where governments acknowledge the reality of the climate challenges they fall face and build mutual trust around their stated national commitments
Sustainability is the way forward
Sarah Matheson, general manager, sustainability, talks about driving sustainability for the Tata group companies in North America
Sustainability: A new opportunity for innovation
Our lifestyles are largely determined by technical advances that aim to improve human health and comfort. However, technology-led rapid industrialisation and consequent growth of consumerism is part of the ecological problem today. Dr Gopichand Katragadda muses about the irony and the possibilities
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